March 2015

We have a lot to do to get ready for this season. It’s our first year at the NOFA NJ’s incubator program and there is a lot for us to set up. Just a disclaimer before I get started: all of the photos on the site right now are ours, but taken at the farm we used to work at. We just wanted some pretty photos up on the site, but we’ll post more recent ones as soon as we’re able.

Right now we’re working on building a greenhouse, finalizing the crop plan, setting up markets and a CSA.  We were fortunate to have a greenhouse donated to NOFA NJ that we can use for this season. There are just a few parts and equipment pieces we need to order before putting it up. But we expect to start building it on site with in the month. As for our crop plan, we’ve figured out the varieties we want to grow and how much, and we’ve figured out our planting and transplanting dates and we’ve figured out where on the land the plants are going. What we need to do now is to put the plan into action. The last thing on our list is to send it papers for the markets we plan to attend and to finalize our CSA literature before we can start signing members up.

Again, we have a lot to do, but it will be worth the effort and I hope we’ll have a great season!